Cheeky Flavours

Every order is made completely from scratch with each flavour leaving a lasting taste in your mouth, you won't want just one slice! 

Flavour combinations:

For our tiered cakes, you can choose a different flavour per tier.

12 pack cupcake boxes - mix of 3 flavours

6 pack cupcake boxes - mix of 2 flavours

24 mini cupcake boxes - mix 2 flavours

*Gluten Free, Dairy Free and Vegan options are available (additional fees incurred dependent on the size of your order)

VANILLA - A light and buttery vanilla cake that is a crowd pleaser and staple in the Cheeky Little Baker Kitchen. Goes perfectly with any of the filling and buttercream options. (Chocolate chips can be added for those who love a little hint of chocolate)

CHOCOLATE - Who doesn't love a moist, decadent chocolate cake! Pairs perfectly with vanilla buttercream, caramel or even a berry coulis. (Also available in Chocolate Mud Cake)

CARAMEL - Sweet, buttery and creamy notes. Adding a salted caramel drip with vanilla buttercream is a match made in heaven. (Also available in Caramel Mud Cake)


WHITE CHOCOLATE MUD - One of the more popular mud cake choices, this is an absolute favourite! Pairs beautifully with a white chocolate raspberry buttercream.

LEMON - A delicious blend of sweet and zingy lemon flavours. This is best enjoyed with a cream cheese frosting or our vanilla buttercream.

STRAWBERRY - Fresh strawberries are mixed into our favourite vanilla cake flavour with added freeze dried strawberries for that added punch of flavour! Pairs perfectly with a strawberry coulis and vanilla buttercream.

CARROT AND COCONUT - A spicy mix of cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg with added walnuts and coconut hues. Best enjoyed with a beautiful cream cheese frosting or coconut buttercream. 

STICKY DATE - Are you a sticky date pudding lover? You will love this cake! Perfectly paired with a butterscotch ganache, fresh walnuts and a butterscotch buttercream.

BIRTHDAY SPRINKLE - Adding a little fun and surprise, birthday sprinkle is based on our vanilla cake flavour with added rainbow sprinkles. Best enjoyed with our vanilla buttercream.

EARLY GREY - Freshly brewed earl grey tea is infused into the cake batter. Deep in flavour, this is best enjoyed with a zesty orange or vanilla buttercream.

MATCHA GREEN - Earthy in flavour, matcha green tastes beautifully with a vanilla or matcha buttercream.

RED VELVET - A perfect blend of vanilla, cocoa and buttermilk. Matches perfectly with our cream cheese buttercream.

ORANGE AND POPPY SEED - Zesty and moist, this is an appealing option for anyone who loves citrus. Pairs perfectly with our cream cheese frosting and can also be alternatively changed to a lemon and poppy seed cake. 

COOKIES AND CREAM - Crushed chocolate cookies are mixed into our scrumptious vanilla cake flavour. If you love cookies and cream you will love this one! Best enjoyed with a chocolate ganache and cookie and cream buttercream.

Whipped chocolate ganache (dark, milk or white) | Lemon curd | Salted Caramel | Cookies and Cream | Raspberry coulis | Strawberry coulis | Caramel

*Available for cake orders

Vanilla | Chocolate | Salted Caramel | Cookies and Cream | Strawberry | Caramel | Coconut | Lemon | Butterscotch | Matcha | White Chocolate

Cheeky Little Baker loves to create custom flavours! If you have another flavour in mind, I'd love to hear about it!

Add your favourite flavour to the Contact us form when making your enquiry.

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